Sunday, November 13, 2011

No winter doldrums at this farm - Mount Hope Farm in Providence Business News

No winter doldrums at this farm - - Providence Business News


Anonymous said...

I thought the greenhouse at MHF was totally empty. The article says "produce from the greenhouse is sold to nine caterers" and can be included in wedding and special dinner menus. Perhaps someone from the farm can shed some light on this statement.

Lee Ann Freitas said...

This past winter, while I was contracted by the Farm to run the greenhouse I sold to several caterers and restaurants in RI and Boston. However, since I moved on in July I had no idea the Farm had the greenhouse growing at such a bountiful pace. Great for the Farm to have an alternative revenue stream and kudos to John Paul Smith for moving it forward.
Lee Ann Freitas
Indie Growers
Bristol, RI