Friday, August 27, 2010

Bristol's new street signs are gorgeous!

Have you noticed the handsome new black and white street signs
all over town? Here is the scoop direct from Town Clerk, Louis P. Cirillo: Thank you Lou!

"The signs are wooden (some hardwood; not sure of the species) with
black-anodized aluminum plaques fastened to the wooden plaques with
stainless steel screws to which reflective letters are affixed. These are
based on a design prevalent in Rhode Island (not just Bristol) c.1950
which many may remember. Most, if not all, of these (and the originals of the past) were made at the State Prison.

The Corrections people helped with the deign of the new signs
based on old ones. (which were painted steel plate) using
the new, modern materials. The project was a collaboration be-
tween the Town Administrator, the Town Council, The Town Clerk,
the Historic District Commission, and the Community Development
Department. Public Works is doing the installation now."
Photos showing the old green ones and the new.

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