Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Topside plantings

Have you noticed all the new Mums, mulch and grasses planted around The Topside Restaurant where gravel and empty beer cans used to be? The new owner, Dennis Liberatos, is starting the beautification transformation! What will he do with all the bikers I wonder? They are customers too! I'm sure he will work out an equitable and respectful arrangement.
Blogger update October 1: Mr. Dennis Liberatos is all excited about finding "blue mums" for beautifying the Topside parking lot. He has plans to put in a high ceilinged wrap around porch/deck that will orient itself to the bike path riders/walkers, dog walkers and a parking lot south side entrance. He'll have a shady place for people to leave their dogs with a water bowl while they enjoy their lunch on the deck. More to come.

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